Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Etudes: French blue

Nautical blue I

Nautical blue II

Wish I had some of those

Irises in the Tuileries seem to watch tourists

Where to put it?

Blue, with hot sauce


Rauf said...

Going After blue Ruth ?
very unlike Paris. You are showing things we don't notmally see in Paris pictures. unusual perspective.

Have you been to any concerts Ruth ? Any contemporary art exhibitions ?
Pictures say that you are having a whale of a time. and you are very relaxed.

Ruth said...

Rauf, I love French blue, something I have noticed before. I find the comparisons interesting, to say the least.

No concerts this trip. (Although there was a gorgeous extemporaneous concert outside my window last night; street singers) And no contemporary art exhibits this time either. There is a wealth of it around. I did see an exhibit yesterday of a fantastic photographer: Brian Patrick Wade. Portraits. Tonight I'll go to a poetry reading at Shakespeare & Co, that funny little bookshop I posted about. Yes, I am relaxed and having a great time. Today is my last full day. I am ready to go home to my love, my children and my farm.

Ginnie said...

Ruth, when I saw these photos yesterday, I was so glad you posted about the blue you love so much (like at Chartres). This was such a delightful way of seeing your impressions of it!

Imemine said...

I should go to Paris one day. It's not so far away. I've been across France some years ago, on my way to Barcelona. Very nice pictures!

Ruth said...

Ginnie, that Chartres blue is something else, and I've been noticing it ever since.

Imemine, Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I think everyone discovers something different in Paris, and it never ends. Hope you'll get there one day.

Candy Minx said...

These are really fantastic, different urban exciting. Love them.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Candy Minx, I'm glad you like them. There's so much there . . .

Virginia said...

We seem to think alike. You need to be frightened!HA Love your take on this theme. My very fav? THe blue laundry on the clothes line. They are all just great.