Saturday, May 13, 2006

Children in the city

When you live in a city like Paris (insert NYC, Mexico City, London, Sydney, Bombay, Tokyo, etc.) you most likely don't have your own yard/garden. So you take the kids to the park. Or you hope for entertainment along the way.

The first two photos are in the Place du Marché Sainte-Catherine, a 15th century square where I'm staying in the 4th arrondisement in the Marais district. The cow is part of the "cow parade" all over Paris right now.

The last two photos are in the Place des Vosges, my favorite Paris park. Victor Hugo lived in this square.

Place des Vosges


Rauf said...

Ruth, Thank you for showing me the Paris I have not seen, Most of what I have seen in pictures and movies are the tourist places.

Mei Shile said...

In 1986, my first youth hostel in Paris was in the Marais, close to métro St-Paul and 1, rue de Rivoli. I don't remember its name. I took a walk to the Place des Vosges. Nice place. I heard there were appartments there that were valued 3,000,000 I don't remember if it was in US$ or FF. Not for my tiny wallet anyway!

Ruth said...

Rauf, you're very welcome.

Mei, you were in my neck of the woods. I'm just a block from the St-Paul metro. It's a lively neighborhood. I'm sure some of the apartments are costly, but I'm guessing it was FF.

Ginnie said...

You're there! And I LOVE that you're posting about it already. Ohhh. The memories. What a good place to start--with the children! I am that child....

And to think you found one of the cows! Make sure you take a pic of every cow you see :)