Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tour d'Argent restaurant

I have never eaten at this restaurant. I love how it looks. It is one of the finest restaurants in Paris, sits on the Seine, and from its windows on an upper floor you can look at the sun setting behind the Notre Dame. Enter its web site, and you will experience the extravagance shown in the movie Marie Antoinette that I saw last week. I have been fortunate enough to eat at some fine restaurants in Paris, a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. If you ask me, almost anywhere you eat in Paris is wonderful, even the humblest café. The food is better than anywhere I've been. I have a theory that the omelettes are better in Paris because they do not refrigerate the eggs as we do in the U.S.


Ginnie said...

Ruth! I did not know you had been posting on this Paris blog (I have gotten used to your telling us on Synchronizing when you have a new Paris post, I guess), so when I came over just now, I was shocked to see SEVERAL new delights.

Knowing you, one day you WILL eat here and it will be one of your happiest memories in Paris :)

I haven't seen Marie Antoinette yet but am eager to do so once it gets to our neighborhood. Thanks for the recommendation.

Ruth said...

Welcome back, Ginnie. The two "queen" movies are quite provocative. Makes you wonder when monarchies will come to an end.

Ginnie said...

Since you said "when" and not "if," I'm guessing you think it will happen. I plan to see The Queen this week and will let you know what I think.

deslilas said...

Another smart blog.
The daughter of the landlord of this restaurant is a very gifted translator from finnish to french. Anne Colin du Terrail has translated in french the books writen by Aarto Pääsilinna for instance Vatanen's hare" (le lièvre de Vatanen or Vatasen janis).
According to my wife the french translaion is better than the original in finnish.

Ruth said...

Deslilas, I love hearing that. I so admire translators. To do it well is an art of human insight that goes beyond me, but I think I would have loved to do it if I'd ever known another language well enough. I'm so happy to hear this deeper information about this place from you!

lulu said...

@ deslilas:
I know very well Anne Colin du Terrail, the French translator of Paasilinna's books, she has no connexion whatsoever with the landlord of the restaurant La Tour d'Argent !!!