Monday, June 12, 2006

Artist gallery in Places des Vosges

Petit-déjeuner aux Deux Magots (painting by Denis Fremond)

Sometimes you instantly connect with an artist's work.

This happened to me in the Place des Vosges, strolling around the shops, galleries and restaurants. I've mentioned before that if I had to choose one place in all of Paris where I would "center" myself after an exhausting day, or just go to get filled up, it would be this square where Victor Hugo lived.

The painter Denis Fremond's work was on display in the Sibman Gallery. His cityscapes and roomscapes of Paris and New York are simple, full of interesting plays of light, and always have just one man in them (himself?).

Visit his Web page for a gallery of his paintings.


Rauf said...

You have the art of giving the atmosphere through your pictures Ruth, Its hard to believe the first picture is a painting.

there are some very good contemporary artists like Timothy Tyler, Bryce Cameron, Dennis cheany and a host of other talented artists. you'll find a treasure of modern and classical paintings here
Isimply adore William Bouguereau

Ginnie said...

I visited Denis Fremond's site, Ruth, and was amazed at how he played with light. What an artist, indeed!

And you know, of course, that I left part of my heart in that "place" as well. Such fond memories sharing it with you, Don and Donica! I especially loved all the music we heard! And the chic hat you bought for Peter but wore around yourself for the rest of the day :)

Ruth said...

Rauf, Bouguereau is phenomenal -- those faces and colors! I love the rich colors.

Ruth said...

Ginnie, glad you liked Fremond too.

Yes, Place des Vosges is more precious to me because of our memories with you 3. Your phantoms wandered there with me in May.

rachel said...

I can't imagine being in that beautiful place all alone to completely take it in and experience it wholly as an individual. Must be expansive!

Ruth said...

You're right, Rach, it is one of those rare places for me where I can feel Quiet, Empty, Alone -- and so Full.

rachel said...

Aunt Ruth, I think you should photo-shop yourself into that picture ! It's not complete without you in it!

Ruth said...

Mmm, sweet thought! So nice if we could teleport ourselves somewhere.